Bifida Powerhouses from Mixsoon and Mary & May

Bifida Powerhouses from Mixsoon and Mary & May

By Kate Limond
29/08/2023 | Read time: 5m

Two great, barrier building, glowy bifida products!

Mixsoon Bifida toner


This bifida toner is as thin as water – the same texture as the Mixsoon Centella Asiatica toner. Just like the Centella toner, it means I don’t have to wait long between layers.

I do prefer a thicker texture but not having to wait long between layers is useful because I can speed up my routine!


100% bifida extract!

Bifida is an excellent fermented ingredient, great for glow and repairing your skin barrier, even reducing sensitivity.

So it’s well worth trying it out for its multiple benefits.


I tend to use this two ways because it’s versatile – I don’t actually use it as a “toner” as such and you’ll see why below!

I’m sure it would be hydrating if you applied a few layers and followed it up with a snail essence (Cosrx, Benton and Tia’m all have options).

However, I have lots of toners that are very hydrating with just one layer and also deliver actives, like the Benton Aloe BHA Skin toner, or moisturise, like the Isntree Yam Root Vegan Milk toner.

I don’t think hydration or moisturising is what this particular type of toner is meant to do – it’s a budget friendly first treatment essence.

Despite that, like I said earlier, it probably would be hydrating if you applied a few layers and it dries quickly so it wouldn’t take a long time.

The concept of a first treatment essence, like the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx which I wrote about here, is to deliver a high concentration of an ingredient to your skin and to help improve the penetration of your subsequent layers, leading to longer lasting hydration.

The Mixsoon absolutely ticks the box of a high concentration of an ingredient – 100% bifida extract – and it has the very watery texture of a first treatment essence.

Because it’s so watery, it not only dries very quickly and has no heaviness that would negatively affect how your later layers apply. This is an ideal property in a product that I want to use first as the foundation for my routine.

Mary & May Vitamin C + Bifida lotion


It’s not quite as runny as the Etude House Moistfull Collagen emulsion: the Benton Deep Green Tea lotion is more similar in texture.

These three are all very light, though, so there’s not much in it when it comes to texture!


I’ve already talked about the bifida which is the star in this product, too.

But there’s also lots of other goodies to make this a well-rounded product.

The vitamin c should be pretty gentle as it’s at a low percentage and there’s lots of moisturising ingredients to balance it out. I probably wouldn’t rely solely on this product if you want the benefits of vitamin c but it’s always nice to have extra ingredients!

Safina’s article will tell you more about vitamin c and what products you could try.

And of course there’s my new BFF ingredient, shea butter. I’m still obsessed with shea butter, it’s so moisturising and calming!


As usual, it’s another rave from me for Mary & May!

I really love a moisturiser that goes on light and absorbs well – whilst heavier creams have their place, and I definitely use them, I enjoy layering lighter products rather than one thick cream.

My urge to layer is not just sensorial (although it partly is!) – I like to use a wide range of ingredients so I can get lots of different benefits across my skincare routine.

The Mary & May is very lightweight, absorbs really well and has classic moisturiser effects: it’s softens and nourishes my skin.

Then there’s the ingredients – bifida and vitamin c, what’s not to love!

I decided to give the Mary & May a brutal test – could it replace my beloved Dr Ceuracle Kombucha Vegan Tea essence?

I’ve been using the Dr Ceuracle for ages and it’s an absolute staple – it’s hydrating, moisturising and glowy. I also love shaking the layers together: it’s a bonus element that is surprisingly fun!

Astonishingly, yes – the Mary & May lotion absolutely can replace the Dr Ceuracle!

I was so skeptical, as I was pretty sure my neck was going to rebel, given how dry and sensitive it is.

However, Mary & May’s products are particularly well-formulated and I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve tried so far.

It is a little less glowy than the Dr Ceuracle but it’s also better priced!

Given the Mary & May passed the Dr Ceuracle test, I gave it a few more equally stringent tests.

My current moisturiser routine for my neck is the Mary & May, HaruHaru Wonder Black Rice Bakuchiol eye cream, Etude House Soon Jung 2x Barrier cream and the Benton Deep Green Tea lotion.

Firstly, would the Mary & May be enough instead of the Etude House, which I suspect has a higher percentage of shea butter.

Second, would my neck start getting uncomfortable if I just used the Mary & May and the Benton?

The Etude House is an excellent moisturiser but it can be a touch heavy for the day time. It absorbs well generally, although it’s not as quick to dry as I’d like for a morning routine.

I’m pleased to report that the Mary & May dries quickly and it’s become my new go-to for my arm routine too. Whilst the shortened version of my arm routine is pretty speedy, and as I mentioned it doesn’t take that long anyway, it is extra work AM so having the Mary & May in my skincare wardrobe is excellent.

I tried just the Mary & May and the Benton for a number of routines, one after another, and my neck did fine – no irritation, no dryness.

I know I’m often really impressed with how products perform (K-Beauty is awesome!) but this combination of products is especially good.

Final Word

Two more winning products from two winning brands!