Dr Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Essence Review

DR CEURACLE Vegan Kombucha Essence Review

By Kate Limond
03/10/2022 | Read time: 5m

There is so much I love about the Dr Ceuracle Kombucha essence: it might just be a miracle in a bottle! This essence does a lot for one product: it hydrates, moisturises and brightens. If you want something that multitasks and can streamline your routine, this is it!

Or you can add to your current routine for extra decadence! The packaging is gorgeous, it will elevate your skincare display with its clean, stylish design. And last but not least, it’s fun to use: it’s a dual layer cream and essence, I love shaking it up to mix the layers and turning it into a smoothie for my skin.

Vegan Kombucha Essence Ingredients

The key ingredient is the fermented vegan tea complex, comprised of 58.9% Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water and 20% Kombucha Tea Extract. The tea complex is what will hydrate your skin and make it glow! At least, it does for me – it’s a lovely soft, light-diffusing glow, like my skin is illuminated from within and the healthy radiance of my skin shines out. Imagine not having to wear highlighter but looking like you are, except it’s from within your skin, rather than it sitting on top of your skin, like highlighter does!

I love tea, I drink lots of different kinds on a regular basis and it’s said to be very good for you, so tea in skincare makes a lot of sense to me! Therefore I am very excited to try out this essence! Who knows, perhaps it can even permanently become part of my k-beauty skincare routine!

And then there’s the oil component: the balance of oil to water is 15% to 85%, which is moisturising and gives the essence a really decadent feel without being heavy.


Dr Ceuracle suggests that you can use one layer for oily skin, two for combination and three for dry skin.

I have combination skin and I use a lot of watery toners first so I tend to use this right before moisturising.

It’s watery and because it’s also creamy, it’s easy to apply: it doesn’t tend to slip through my fingers, like some toners. And smoothing it onto my skin is such a treat, it almost applies and dries like (a very thin) cream. My skin immediately feels so soothed, comfortable and refreshed.

I’d also recommend you pour out a tiny bit more than you want to use on your face so you can rub in a layer to your hands, too. I used to have problems with my hands getting really dry with seasonal changes, but since I’ve started following K-beauty and using Korean skincare, I’ve noticed my hands didn’t need much hand cream. Now, I deliberately use a little extra of all my products so I can rub a layer into my hands as well. My hands are smoother, softer and are benefitting from all the lovely extracts and hydration!

Seasonal usage

My skin just seems to need less oil in summer – and it was especially hot this year, so I didn’t use it that much this summer. I missed using it, however, so I suspect I’ll just use half the amount I’d use in spring or autumn. Now the temperature has dropped, the essence is perfect to give my skin a boost and keep it comfortable.

This winter, I can see myself doing two layers to keep my skin perfectly hydrated, moisturised and glowing!

The brightening power of Vegan Kombucha Essence

I’m such a big fan of anything fermented. Fermenting is said to break down ingredients into more bioavailable forms and provide various useful things for the skin (heres a study which shows this). Plus, ferments seem to help skin hold on to moisture better.

I’ve found my skin seems to be a lot more resilient since I’ve added ferments to my routine, which is great, because I’ve been wanting to try Korean AHA products (alpha hydroxy acids) for ages but I thought my skin would be too sensitive. More on AHAs in a later post!

But most importantly, there’s the ferment glow! I don’t know why fermented ingredients make your skin glow, I don’t think it’s to do with how your skin holds on to hydration because I’ve seriously hydrated my skin in the past and it hasn’t brightened before. It’s looked less dull but not brighter and glowy. However, almost all the ferment products I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot) have made my skin glow to some degree.

Some products have made my skin a little brighter and some have made it glow so so much that it’s radiant! The Dr Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha essence is one of the ones that really makes it glow and I rave about it because it’s such a great multitasking product, with its ability to hydrate and moisturise.

My other ferment products tend just to brighten, and if they do hydrate like a toner, they don’t always brighten as much as this does, and those other products don’t have a moisturising component either.

Final Word

This product does everything I could want all in one, and for me, that totally justifies the price! I had thought it was a bit expensive before I tried it but now I’m hooked. I think it’s easy to use and adaptable to all seasons.

If you have oily skin, you could probably use it instead of cream if the weather is warm. And if you have drier skin, do more layers, which is easy because it dries so nicely with no tackiness or stickiness (even if you apply it over lots of toner, like I do!)

The Dr Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha essence is one of the most cosmetically elegant products I’ve used and has such a range of benefits for my skin. It’s become a staple in my k-beauty routine and keeps my skin in top condition.

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