skin1004 cleansers

Effective cleansers from Skin1004

By Kate Limond
29/05/2024 | Read time: 5m

Skin1004 have a really great range of products, I’ve tried quite a few key ones that have been great so I’m always looking to try more.

The SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil and the Ampoule Foam are two more great products in their OG line up.


The oil is light and easy to spread, it massages in well without difficulty. It’s very gentle big does a good job of making my skin feel cleansed.

The foam is golden coloured when you squeeze it out which is so pretty! It feels dense but becomes a rich, velvet foam as you emulsify it.


There is a lovely light floral fragrance to the oil. It isn’t a strong fragrance and definitely doesn’t irritate my eyes, more on this below.

The foam cleanser has a soapy aroma, I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t smell like the oil! Whilst it’s definitely an effective cleanser anyway, though I do think the soapy fragrance makes me think my skin was extra clean.


Such short ingredients lists!

As well as the centella asiatica, which is ideal for soothing skin, these products have short ingredients lists which is great for sensitive skin.

You can read more about Skin1004’s special centella extract here.


Both of the Skin1004 cleansers make boring cleansing a fun and effective experience.

I thought the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil was light but the Skin1004 is even lighter!

If you don’t love the oily feel of oil cleansers, the Skin1004 is a good choice. I was concerned that it wasn’t going to cleanse properly to start with, given how light it is and I was really pleased that it worked so well.

I did think it might run off my hands or eyelashes because it’s thinner than the Beauty of Joseon but it worked great!

I’ll confess that I haven’t used a lot of foaming cleansers. Because I’ve got drier skin, if I’m looking for a new cleanser, I’m always more likely to try a balm or oil first, particularly given that I’m not sure a foam cleanser would be as good effect on makeup removal by itself.

However, I’m making an effort to try more foam cleansers this year. This is made easier by how well priced K-Beauty foam cleansers are generally. Plus, both Skin1004 cleansers come in mini sizes, which you can find here and here.

I didn’t find either drying and my skin was soft after I finished cleansing.

Before I write about how they remove makeup, I need to talk about sunscreen.

Sometimes I forget that I’ve worn a waterproof sunscreen and try to take it off with micellar water – whilst I would ideally double cleanse in the evening, sometimes I’m tired!

Trying to remove a waterproof sunscreen with micellar water isn’t great.

As the Skin1004 actually works great as a single cleanser for me, it’s perfect for nights when I am a bit tired for a full double cleanse but I’ve worn waterproof sunscreen.

The cleansing oil is a great one-step cleanser because it has emulsifies into a light velvety liquid, it’s easy to use it to remove sunscreen.

Of course, not all skin types will find that an oil cleanser will clean enough without a foam cleanser so you might need to use foam cleanser too.

Reviews on waterproof sunscreen coming soon!

Makeup Removal

This is probably the best oil cleanser I’ve tried for removing makeup, as well as waterproof sunscreen.

Whilst the Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm did a great job removing a notoriously hard to remove Japanese mascara, it didn’t actually remove a L’Oréal one very well.

I’ve completely moved over to Korean mascaras now because they give me length without clumping and no flaking. I do find I use quite a lot of the Romand Han All Fix Mascara because it works so well and because of that, it takes a while to remove. I also use very pigmented eye shadows so that adds to the makeup removal challenges.

However, the Skin1004 oil dissolved the mascara and removed my eyeshadow perfectly.

I massage it onto dry skin and lashes first. I personally keep massaging until I can barely feel any flakey bits of mascara left and then I emulsify it.

As you’d expect with double cleansing, following up with the foam gives you the most effective cleanse and truly removes any leftover makeup and sunscreen.

However, if you’re short on time, the Skin1004 oil cleanser will do a good job by itself, I’ve tried it with and without the foam.

My skin does feel cleaner with both products, which is what we love about double cleansing!

It’s worth noting that the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil also excellent at removing makeup, even my Romand mascara.

However, if you prefer a lighter texture or didn’t like the oily smell of the Beauty of Joseon, the Skin1004 is an ideal replacement. I don’t mind the smell of the Beauty of Joseon but I do prefer the fragrance of the Skin1004.

Another way that the Skin1004 has the edge on either of the Beauty of Joseon cleansers for me is vision blur.

When I’m using these cleansers to remove stubborn mascara, I can’t avoid getting them in my eyes because I apply mascara to the base of my lashes.

Whilst none of these cleansers stung my eyes, I found the Skin1004 blurred my vision the least and it cleared very quickly, even if I used a lot!

Final Word

Knowing that I have something really good to remove makeup and waterproof sunscreen is so reassuring.

Of course I’d wear makeup and sunscreen anyway but I would not look forward to having to remove it.

Having products that remove stubborn products that also feel nice to use may seem like faint praise but believe me, it’s one more thing I don’t have to worry about so it’s well worth it for me!