Mary and May Essence

MARY & MAY Blackberry Range: Essence

By Kate Limond
23/12/2022 | Read time: 5m

I love the Mary & May Blackberry products that I’ve already tried – the cream essence is another excellent addition to their range!

What’s the Deal With This Essence?

The Mary & May Vegan Blackberry cream essence has a lot in common with the Dr Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Tea essence: both are cream-essence hybrids with two layers that you shake up to mix, which is super fun!

Here’s a brief recap of my Dr Ceuracle essence review:

This essence does a lot for one product: it hydrates, moisturises and brightens. If you want something that multitasks and can streamline your routine, this is it! Or you can add to your current routine for extra decadence!

The Mary & May essence works in a really similar way but with completely different ingredients. It gives me the same sorts of effects to the Dr Ceuracle essence, although there are important differences that might make it more versatile for a range of skin types.


In my review of the other products in the Mary & May Blackberry range, I focused on antioxidants in general. However, blackberry extract itself is not only chockful of antioxidants but also has special properties that help mitigate the effects of UV damage so it has anti-aging effects!

There’s several other important ingredients in the Mary & May essence: blue lotus flower and jojoba oil.

Blue lotus flower has some serious antioxidant power: it has anti-wrinkling and anti-pigmentation effects. Having both blackberry and blue lotus flower in one product is excellent news for your skin, because the essence can tackle several anti-aging concerns at once.

The Dr Ceuracle essence has sunflower oil and it could potentially be a bit heavy for oily skin. The Mary & May may be more suitable for all skin types because jojoba oil isn’t really an oil: the majority of it is wax esters.

Jojoba oil is highly moisturising and helps prevent transepidermal water loss, without feeling greasy like a lot of oils. This means you can stop your skin drying out without suffocating it. Studies report it has a smoothing effect on skin because it has a similar structure to skin sebum.

As if this wasn’t enough, some studies have reported that jojoba oil can have positive effects on acne, as it can “penetrate the follicles and remove the comedone, thus clearing the skin”. Plus, it has an anti-inflammatory effect which might help with barrier repair. Naturally, I’m now going to seek out more products with jojoba oil!

Packaging & Texture

In keeping with their eco-friendly credentials, the Mary & May essence has a peel off label, the box is printed with soy ink and the glass bottle is easily recyclable.

The texture of the essence itself is a little lighter than the Dr Ceuracle – it feels a fraction less creamy and I’d say it feels more hydrating than the Dr Ceuracle too. Both are easy to apply, although at the watery end of the spectrum.

Because of the oils in both of these essences, I tend to apply these after serums, even though they’re more watery than some of my serums.

There’s a very faint woody smell to the Mary & May essence, which I suspect is the jojoba oil – the essence is fragrance free so there’s no masking scent.


Between the two essences, Dr Ceuracle is a little more oily feeling than the Mary & May. This makes sense because, as I mentioned above, jojoba oil isn’t really an oil.

I tried two layers of the Mary & May the first time I used it and my skin felt vastly more moisturised than usual – the jojoba oil is doing some serious heavy-lifting here!

I don’t think I could do two layers of the Dr Ceuracle because it’s more oily. However, I do usually just apply one layer of the Mary & May: I applied two to test it for glow. After my Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water experience, I now know to try several layers before I decide if a product glows or not.

The Mary & May essence definitely glows – perhaps a touch less than the Dr Ceuracle but that doesn’t bother me. A slightly lower glow is fine, because I also use the other products from the Mary & May Blackberry range as well as the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water, so I’ve already got a lot of products that glow!

Even with one layer of the Mary & May, my skin felt soft and smoothed, which lasts all day – I’ve only needed to use one moisturiser on my face and two for my neck (my neck is drier than my face so I always use more moisturiser on it).

Often I find I need to use several moisturisers in colder temperatures so I’m impressed with how much moisturising power the Mary & May essence adds to my routine.

The Mary & May Blackberry Range

I particularly like using the essence in conjunction with the serum and cream in the blackberry line: each product has slightly different extracts and so there’s good reasons to use all of them.

There are varying amounts of blackberry in each product but they also have different additional ingredients that make each product worthwhile!

The serum and cream also have idebenone, an anti-aging antioxidant I talked about in detail here, which isn’t in the essence. The serum has twice the idebenone than the cream so it’s super saturated with antioxidants. The cream has lots of lovely emollients and five ceramides, which will help with barrier repair.

The essence obviously has blue lotus water to help with wrinkles and jojoba oil, which has a whole ton of benefits that I’ve mentioned above.

I think all three products work in synergy, providing different antioxidants and benefits, although all of the benefits are geared towards protecting your skin from sun damage and anti-aging (although don’t forget to always use sunscreen too!)

Final Thoughts

I’m not usually the person that will use all the products in a particular range, because I like to try out lots of different products. However, I’ve been really impressed with the Mary & May Blackberry range because they’re cosmetically elegant, very hydrating and moisturising. I have repurchased the serum and cream already, I can definitely see myself repurchasing the essence too!