MARY & MAY Blackberry Range: Serum & Cream

By Kate Limond
20/12/2022 | Read time: 5m

Mary & May have harnessed antioxidant power in their Blackberry serum and cream. These products are infused with a blackberry and idebenone complex to give antioxidant support to your skin and may even have anti-aging benefits without any harsh effects!

What Can Antioxidants Do For Your Skin?

Skin is the largest organ and it is in constant contact with the outside world. Environmental factors, like UV and pollution, can have a big impact on skin health. Skin cells undergo reactions that produce free radicals: this is normal, but too many can contribute to premature aging.

You might have heard of coenzyme Q10, which is an antioxidant and can help reduce wrinkles: idebenone is similar to it. The Mary & May products have a lower concentration of idebenone than is used in the clinical trials but the blackberry complex is chock full of other antioxidants too and it gives my skin a healthy glow!

I talk at length in this article about how nice these products are to use. I’ve used lots of products that are reasonably effective at hydrating and moisturising, as well as making my skin glow, but aren’t the complete package and are more basic in how they feel. The Mary & May range is wonderful to use and have a variety of benefits for my skin, which means I can streamline my routine without sacrificing glowing, healthy skin.

Oily skin might find the cream a bit too moisturising under make-up: but if you have oily skin, you could try using a small amount, when it’s very cold or stick to using it PM.

Mary & May Idebenone + Blackberry Complex serum

Ok, so I’m prone to raving about my newest favourite product and I have a lot of favourite products: but this serum really stands out as excellent!


I’ve used thinner serums and thicker serums – this is the Goldilocks of serum textures; it’s just right. It’s easy to smooth over my skin but not so thin it will run off if I accidentally use too much. There’s just something really nice about how it applies that I can’t quite put my finger on, which I think is to do with how good the texture is and how well it absorbs.


This gets its own category because I’ve used serums that take 10 minutes or more to absorb, if they ever do (I swear sometimes it takes rubbing a cream on to get some serums to absorb!)

However, the Mary & May absorbs like a dream. It dries quickly enough that you don’t have to wait around to do your next step, even though it’s not super thin. You can tell that they put a lot of care into ensuring the user experience is great, with excellent cosmetic elegance. The Blackberry cream is equally cosmetically elegant!

Hydration and Moisturising

The addition of glycerin and other humectants give this serum excellent hydrating effects. Caprylic / capric triglyceride is a nice emollient and adds some moisturising effects without any heaviness. I’m definitely getting some extra hydration from this serum, so it’s a great addition to my routine now the weather is getting cooler.

Mary & May Idebenone + Blackberry Complex Intensive Total Care Cream

This cream is delightful! It’s fantastic at keeping my skin moisturised during the day and night – works perfectly under make-up and I have even used it by itself at night without my usual last step occlusive. That’s pretty impressive from such a light feeling cream!


This cream is the consistency and colour of the smoothest, softest whipped butter. It’s by far one of the smoothest and lightest creams I’ve ever used. I sometimes question whether I’ve applied enough, because it feels like almost nothing is on my skin.

It’s very easy to use the provided spatula to get the right amount out of the jar and because it’s so light, don’t worry if it takes a few applications to work out how much you need – it absorbs really well so using too much isn’t an issue for me!

It might be too emollient and creamy for oily skin, depending on what your skin likes – so keep that in mind if you do have oily skin.

Moisturising Power

Whilst I love the lightness of this cream, the most brilliant thing about it is how moisturising it is. I’ve cut down on creams since starting it – and this is from someone who will happily apply four creams because I love that plush, plumped feeling.

I’m a side sleeper and I move around in my sleep so I always need superior moisturising power to combat products rubbing off onto my pillowcase. There’s something utterly magical about how this cream works because, by morning, the well-moisturised feeling I value so highly persists!

Under Make-up

It’s wonderful to find another cream that is perfect for wearing under make-up. I’ve written about how great the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Water Sleeping mask is under make-up. But whilst I absolutely love the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Water Sleeping Mask and I find it moisturising enough to keep my skin hydrated all day, it’s still not that cold here yet. I have concerns that it may not be enough for winter – so the Mary & May cream is going to be my saviour. Plus, I know I can always try it with the Isntree too!

Brightening and Glow

Both products are awesome to use and function really well but here’s what I’m so excited to talk about: the glow.

To make this a fair test, I stopped all my other brightening products. Everyone’s skin is individual but for me, the serum and cream make my routine super easy and brighten my skin so much! I noticed some glow with the cream by itself but both together produce serious radiance.

I talked about glow in my Dr Ceuracle Kombucha Essence review – the Mary & May glow is a little different, almost a touch golden. For someone who has perpetually pink skin, this was so interesting. The glow I get from the Dr Ceuracle Kombucha Essence is wonderful and so I use it every day but there’s a further dimension to how healthy my skin looks with the Mary & May.

Final Word

The Blackberry range is the first products from Mary & May that I’ve tried but I can absolutely see myself trying more! I definitely want to try their other serums, which have some great soothing, brightening and anti-pigmentation as well as anti-aging ingredients.