Mary & May Mist Serum Citrus Serum

Mary & May Serums: Mist & Citrus

By Kate Limond
14/02/2023 | Read time: 5m

I'm reviewing two more lovely Mary & May products – further evidence for why this is a great brand to have in your skincare routine!

Mary & May Citrus Unshiu + Tremella Fuciformis Serum


This is similar in texture to the Mary & May Idebenone + Blackberry Complex serum, of which I said:

“this is the Goldilocks of serum textures; it’s just right. It’s easy to smooth over my skin but not so thin it will run off if I accidentally use too much”

The citrus serum is silky smooth and feels deeply hydrating, too.


It smells of citrus! My favourite product smells are when the extract itself has an aroma, rather than added fragrance. Citrus is generally brightening and this particular extract can reduce the formation of dark spots.

The mushroom extract is anti-aging, as it’s an antioxidant and also moisturising. The two together make an all-round excellent serum with lots of benefits!


The first application did sting a little, presumably because of the citrus, but also I had dropped the majority of my usual routine (so I could test it for glow, more on this when I talk about the mist serum).

After a few more uses and going back to my usual routine, I found it didn’t sting again – even when using

. However, if your barrier is a little compromised, you may want to carefully test this one. Even though it stung on the first use, I don’t think it negatively affected my barrier: if anything I suspect it boosted my skin’s resilience, in conjunction with my usual barrier-strengthening products.

In terms of hydration, it might have the edge on the Mary & May Blackberry serum. Whilst the blackberry serum is definitely hydrating, I suspect the mushroom extract in this serum is slightly more hydrating than the blackberry complex.

It gave my skin a nice glow and it was quite a lasting glow, too, which I suspect is down to the citrus but it could also be the mushroom. I am mostly looking for glow and hydration from serums so this is a win for me!

However, I do like to choose serums with ingredients that will also contribute to my well-aging routine. I’ve written about well-aging here and here, the first link is about actives (like glycolic acid) and the second is about extracts. I didn’t talk about mushroom extract there (because I hadn’t tried this serum then) but I’m pleased it will contribute to my skin goals.

I think all skin types would get on well with this serum, although very sensitive skin might be best with the Mary & May Centella Asiatica serum. You can read more about the centella serum here.

Mary & May Rose Collagen Mist serum


It’s a thin, light and watery product – the mister produces a very fine mist and works very well, the nozzle doesn’t get clogged despite the oil.

I like to do five or more spritzes because I have a very extra approach to skincare. I don’t think that much is necessary for most people and it can be a bit sticky if I apply it over other products that contain oil, like the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Water essence. However, the stickiness goes away as soon as I apply my moisturiser and I don’t have sticky skin throughout the day, even if it’s a work day and I wear a mask for 10 hours.


The fragrance in this is noticeable at first: a classic rose scent. However, although I’ll catch a faint rose aroma every so often throughout the day, it’s not strong once it’s applied.

Collagen could help protect against premature aging and has been shown to improve “hydration, skin surface smoothness at the microtextural level and luminosity” – as well as water loss (“TEWL”).

This was my first collagen product and I agree it helps with all of those stated benefits for me (although I can’t see my skin at at “microtextural” level!)

Rose extract can help reduce skin issues from stress, improve the strength of your skin barrier and have an impact on dark circles.


The mist is in two layers: mostly clear with a bright pink layer that you shake together, much like the cream essences from Dr Ceuracle and Mary & May. What I also love about this is that it’s a great size and that it’s a mist, which is very unusual for a serum.

I really like to get my oil in a watery product like an essence or a serum, I’m just not a fan of oily creams, so having another choice for a watery oil product is excellent.

I had thought it was making my skin flush but I suspect that twice a day is maybe just too much for my skin (or it was something random). No issues with applying it once a day.

I should mention something about how I check if a product makes my skin glow! To see if a product glows, I stop all my glowy products and wait until my glow reduces. Then I apply the new product and I check to see if my skin still glows after my next cleanse. If it does, then the product gets my Glow Seal of Approval!

So the Mary & May mist doesn’t make my skin glow post-cleanse. But that’s ok because it does something special: it gives me skin a kind of make-up glow that’s different to my usual skincare product glow.

I’m becoming something of a connoisseur of skincare glow and I try to discern between varying types of glow that different products give me. And the Mary & May mist adds another dimension to my glow categories, which I’m super pleased about so now I use it every morning!

I also appreciate the additional oil content to ensure my skin doesn’t dry out under a mask at work or in the cold weather. This winter, I have a lot of watery oil products in my rotation and I find the Mary & May mist serum is easy to apply with other watery oil products without being too heavy, even if it’s temporarily sticky.

If the temperature suddenly drops, I notice the Mary & May mist serum helps stop my skin from suffering. Should I notice any further dryness from lower temperatures, adding the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Ex sorts it out. The squalane and silicones give me an extra layer of protection. You can read more about the Laneige here.

Final Word

I’ve found two more winners from Mary & May with these serums – their products work so well for me that I’m strongly considering working my way through their entire range!