Popular Products I've Tried Again

Popular K-Beauty Products I’ve Tried Again

By Kate Limond
27/12/2022 | Read time: 5m

There are some products that you use and maybe you felt like they didn't quite do the job or you just didn't keep using them because there was something new and shiny to try. Sometimes moving on is the best option but sometimes reconsidering products can be worthwhile too!

K-Beauty Products I’ve Revisited Recently

Cosrx 96 Advanced Power Essence and Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water are two k-beauty products that I’ve used in the past but stopped using, mostly because I was trying new things and I felt other products were giving me more benefits.

I kept using Cosrx 96 on my neck but I didn’t really think much about it. With the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water, I didn’t notice any particular improvements so I stopped using it.

However, I’ve reintroduced both to my k-beauty face routine recently and I’ve been reminded of why they’re so popular!

Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water

I first used this product earlier this year because I really liked the other products I’d tried from Beauty of Joseon (Glow and Glow Deep serums ). I was pretty excited to try another product from them – especially as I’d read it could make your skin glow.


Ginseng is an ingredient you tend to find in the most prestigious K-Beauty products, which is way out of my price range! The reason for the high price is that ginseng not only has different grades but also has to grow for a long time in special conditions and then it is processed carefully – whilst it’s unlikely that the Beauty of Joseon has the fanciest kind of ginseng, it’s great to find an affordable product to try.

Not only does this essence have 80% ginseng root water and ginseng complex, which is obviously awesome, it also has 2% niacinamide to help with oil balance. The niacinamide has liquorice extract to boost the skin tone evening effects, too. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also some fermented ginseng in the ginseng complex too! And as you know from my other articles on the essences from Dr Ceuracle and Missha , I love ferments.

And to round it out, there’s some nice hydrating ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, which you can read about here .


The texture is really nice: it’s like a viscous toner, almost a watery gel, which is easy to apply but thin enough that it can be layered without causing stickiness.


When I originally tried it, I didn’t really notice any benefits: I didn’t get a glow and it didn’t seem particularly hydrating, especially when I compared it to my favourite toner, Cosrx propolis.

However, it just turns out I was doing it wrong! For my skin, I need more layers of it – three layers and my skin is super plumped, hydrated and glowing!

Also, I like to break the rules with this one: I use it straight after cleansing, even though my toners are a little thinner. Although the Beauty of Joseon is a very thin, almost gel-like product, it works best for me right after cleansing, usually just after my first treatment essence . I find that it adds hydration and prepares my skin nicely for toner, despite my toner being thinner and I’m not following the thin-to-thick rule.

Sometimes rules are made to be broken for special products and sometimes you find that certain products work better for you when you slot them into different steps. Generally, I do follow the thin-to-thick rule, because it makes sense: but in this case, I find it gives me the best effects before toner.

Cosrx 96 Snail Advanced Power Essence

I’ve bought lots of bottles of this but I also find myself constantly chasing new products: however, the Cosrx snail essence is a classic for a reason!


If you don’t know much about snail mucin, there’s a post here that will guide you through it. Bianca handily summarises the benefits:

“This beloved k-beauty ingredient at UNBLEMISH packs a lot of promises. It can moisturise skin, promote collagen production, aid in skin healing, cell-turnover and regeneration. Who knew!”

This essence is 96.3% snail secretion filtration with some skin soothing, moisturising and hydrating ingredients added, which work in harmony with the snail.


The most important question: is it slimy? No! It’s thick, for sure, definitely the thickest essence in my collection but it spreads very easily over my skin. As Bianca wisely says, let it settle so it can absorb.


It’s a bit like I’ve put a super hydrating blanket on my skin, as the essence coats my skin: it feels so protective and soothing, like a sheet mask without the sheet!

Hydration and moisturising are two of the first benefits you’ll see when you add snail to your k-beauty routine. The Cosrx essence is ideal if you want an immediate plumping effect.

Longer term, snail conditions skin, giving your skin some anti-aging effects and smoothness, in conjunction with my Cosrx acids.

Although my skin is in a good state, thanks to all my K-Beauty products, I notice my skin feels and looks more bouncy and resilient when I’ve used snail. My fine lines are a little softened when I use a lot of snail twice a day, which is a massive bonus. The softening of my fine lines could be to do with some initial plumping from hydration in conjunction with longer term effects from the anti-aging components of the snail mucin.

Final Word

Sometimes you don’t know you’re missing a product until you add it back it – so unless something has broken you out or you’re allergic to it, it might be worth giving it another go or trying to use it in a different way. I’m definitely really glad I gave both of these products another try!