Skincare Joy Part 1

Skincare Joy Part 1 – Sulwhasoo

By Kate Limond
10/09/2023 | Read time: 5m

Savour your routine!

I read about a really interesting nutrition study: it found that if women enjoyed what they ate, they absorbed more nutrition from the food, compared to women who didn’t enjoy it. And they are the same meal!

I’ve been wondering if a similar thing happens with skincare – if we enjoy our routines, rather than just slogging through it, maybe we get a little more benefit from our products?

Regardless of whether that might be true of skincare, anywhere in our lives that we get joy is something to be treasured and built on.

You’ll often see me talk about sensorial aspects of products because it can make or break a skincare experience.

I like to consider the whole package when it comes to skincare: what’s the texture like, how does it feel on the skin, does it have fragrance and, if so, does it smell nice? I don’t often write about product colour but maybe I should! Sometimes I write about packaging – if it’s classy, effective or, in some rare cases, annoying.

This is a build up to my review of the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing mask, which I enjoy using so much that it got me thinking (at great length) about what makes a product enjoyable to use.

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing mask


Whether a product is thick or thin can be important for different skin types and some people (me included) find certain textures unpleasant on their skin.

For oily skin, a thin texture can be really important to avoid products sitting heavily on the skin and not absorbing. That’s not to say that thick textures should be avoided by oily skin: a little can still absorb well. Certainly dry skin is likely to find that thicker products easier to use, as gloriously thick creams can dry to a comfortable but barely there finish.

I personally find thin textures can be annoying because they tend to slip off my hand as I’m trying to apply it but you’re probably not as clumsy as me!

My skin is drier now so I can’t get enough of thick textures, which on one level is great because those squishy thick products are fun to use!

Mixsoon Master Soft toner is a delight because it’s a gel toner that cushions my skin – review coming soon for this one, for now, I’ll just say that it is the best textured toner I’ve tried.

But on the other hand, thinner textures are nice because, as I said in my Mary & May Vitamin C + Bifida lotion review, I enjoy layering and I like to get as many beneficial ingredients as possible.

So that’s another thing to consider: the range of ingredients if you use more or less products.

I will say that thicker products saves me a bit of time, although I have my application technique maximised for speed, more layers do take a little longer.


Aroma absolutely contributes to the overall experience and can significantly impact how you feel about a product. A good fragrance can lift your spirits, making your routine feel like a spa day – I haven’t met a bad or irritating fragrance through UNBLEMISH! More on fragrance here.

Although, of course, there’s some that sing to me and some that are less exciting.

Anything with citrus puts me in a great mood: that fresh, zingy deliciousness is enlivening and starts my day the best way possible, especially Some By Mi’s Yuja range (and you’re also helping to protect your skin with antioxidants). Although I do like using it at night too!

But some fragrances can envelop you senses despite being subtle, like Axis-Y’s Quinoa One-Step Balanced gel cleanser, review here. There’s a herbal freshness that’s rounded out with a slight spice – it smells clean but sumptuous.

And I’ll talk about it for another reason later but Mary & May’s Rose Collagen Mist serum is great – it’s not heavy or overwhelming like some rose scents. It’s gentle and light with a hint of richness. I use this on my hair, too, to get a swish of fragrance through the day – and it makes my hair shiny. What more could you ask??


You can be practical and fancy with K-Beauty when it comes to packaging. There’s an increasing amount of eco-friendly brands that still have well-designed products that will look great on your bathroom shelf or dressing table.

The Mary & May Blackberry Complex serum and Intensive Total Care cream wins the award for most stylish packaging in my book: it’s the matte black with a slight sheen and the metallic lettering – so stylish. That the products are so effective doesn’t hurt either!


The colour of so many toners and creams are clear or white, which gives me a sense of pureness with no unnecessary ingredients added. However, I have no issue with added colour and it makes my rourine more fun!

That being said, how can you not like the honey colour of all the propolis products? Cosrx, Dr Ceuracle and Beauty of Joseon in particular all have beautiful honey propolis products where the colour comes from the propolis extract itself.

And then there’s products with unusual colours – especially the Mary & May Blackberry Complex Cream essence and their Rose Collagen Mist serum. The cream essence makes this blackberry, lavender milk shake when you mix it up: double fun because of the colour and the shaking the layers together. And the mist serum gets this gorgeous sparkley effect from the oil and water mixing together – maybe that’s why it makes my skin extra glowy?!

Final Word

Don’t get me wrong, skincare brings me joy just from making my skin comfy, plumping out my fine lines and all the rest that it does.

But anytime a product has stylish packaging, fun textures, stunning fragrances or unexpected colours, it just adds that little bit extra to my routine.

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