SOME BY MI The Yuja Range

SOME BY MI: The Yuja Range

By Kate Limond
11/07/2023 | Read time: 5m

Well-aging powerhouses that are a joy to use!

Why Some By Mi?

As you’ll see, I’m a big fan of the Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening range – both the toner and sleeping mask.

The significant advantage of this line is the combination of a high percentage of extracts alongside the high concentration of niacinamide.

It’s quite rare to find a concentration of niacinamide over 2% in K-Beauty products. I suspect the reason for this is that K-Beauty, as Bianca has said, is about prevention so there’s not always a need to have stronger active ingredients. Sunscreen and antioxidants are the first line of defence in K-Beauty, which makes perfect sense.

However, we’ve all got things we’re working on and if you have oily skin, acne, fine lines or pigment, this line from Some By Mi will be a great addition to your routine. That’s not to say you can’t use these if you have drier skin, but you might just want a more heavy duty moisturiser over the top.


The Yuja line has several key ingredients that will help with a whole host of things: a high concentration of yuja extract and research-backed powerhouse, niacinamide.

It’s really smart to pair these two ingredients in particular because both work in tandem on some key concerns: oil balance and acne as well as fine lines and pigment.

Yuja extract is contains natural vitamin c, which is excellent because that avoids the issues Safina recently talked about with vitamin c – irritation and short shelf life.

In this case, Some By Mi have hit the sweet spot with a scientifically proven amount of niacinamide that aren’t going to nuke your face with excessively strong concentrations.

Check out Safina’s deep dive into niacinamide for more detail on what niacinamide can do for your skin!


Both are seriously lightweight and that is such a good choice for this kind of product. If you have oily skin or acne, as you’ll probably want to avoid heavier products that might exacerbate those concerns.

The toner is watery and totally fresh feeling, which is great for the summer. It’s so light I’ll actually use it in the slot I reserve for ultra lightweight products like the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx and the Mixsoon Bifida toner.

The sleeping mask is divine – it’s a gorgeous watery gel texture that’s super easy to smooth on, almost like a sheet mask but it is a genuine last step to lock everything in, despite it being so light.

Here’s more on why a very lightweight fermented product is a great first step but I’m definitely finding the Some By Mi works really well this routine slot.


The fragrance in these products is awesome!

Ok, I am biased because I love anything that has a citrus vibe and this one is zingy, sharp and fresh. It’s not quite lemon or lime, which makes sense because it’s a different fruit. I’d say the yuja fragrance smells slightly more lime than lemon: it also has a very faint earthy, herbal note.

What’s particularly good about this line is that it doesn’t smell artificial at all – the inclusion yuja oil is all the product needs to smell fresh and enticing!


I started slowly with both of these products – I already use stronger K-Beauty actives so I didn’t want to irritate my skin. I tried something with 5% niacinamide in the past and I didn’t react well but it wasn’t the niacinamide, that particular product just didn’t agree with my skin.

Thee toner was easy to slot into my morning routine and of course I want the extra antioxidants to boost my sunscreen, following Safina’s great recommendation:

“Did you know that vitamin C can actually be photoprotective against UV rays through limiting oxidative stress? It’s no replacement for sunscreen, but it can help maximise its effects, which is why you’ll often see it as an ingredient in popular sunscreens.”

The first few times I used the toner, I temporarily stopped my AHA and retinal in the evening to be safe. I didn’t experience any irritation but it’s always best to be cautious with new products and especially new actives.

The toner is lightly hydrating but in all honesty, I’m using it for the actives, not hydration. I prefer to pair it with a more hydrating toner like Pyunkang Yul’s essence toner. The two together give me a refreshing, hydrating boost – perfect for the summer!

The sleeping mask is a delicious feeling jelly that’s ideal for hot nights because it’s watery and cooling, very lightweight and dries perfectly.

I love sleeping masks: if the formula is good, they’re a great way to lock in all of your previous steps without any heaviness. As much as I love the Illiyoon ATO Ceramide Concentrate cream, it can be a little heavy for my combination skin in the summer, although it’s great for my dry neck!

I’m a big fan of the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Water sleeping mask but I definitely like the added ingredient benefits from the Some By Mi. If you happen to be sensitive to niacinamide then the Isntree is an excellent alternative.

If I’m being really bold, I’d say the Some By Mi is almost as good as the more premium Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Ex. They do both have different ingredients but, in my opinion, the formula and usage is pretty similar – I’m impressed that anything works as well as Laneige!

The Laneige gets the multi-purpose award as it’s not too shiny for AM use for me whereas I’ve tried the Some By Mi AM and it’s definitely on the shiny side. However, given the very reasonable price for the Some By Mi and the extra actives, it’s a definite PM win.

And if you want to know more about why K-Beauty sleeping masks are great, click this link!

Final Word

This line is excellent for not only well-aging but it’s also a lovely sensorial experience.

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