Tiam and Beauty of Joseon Snail Reviews

Tia’m and Beauty of Joseon: Snail Reviews

By Kate Limond
16/03/2023 | Read time: 5m

Can these Beauty of Joseon and Tia'm products work as well as Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Power Mucin Essence?

Snail Mucin Concentrations

Now, before I talk about each of these products and compare them to Cosrx 96: clearly there’s more snail mucin in the Cosrx (96%) versus the 87% here and the 3% in the Beauty of Joseon. Read more about the Cosrx 96 here.

But there’s plenty of reasons to branch out from the trusted Cosrx, which I will of course discuss in detail below!

Beauty of Joseon Revive Serum


I have now tried all the Beauty of Joseon serums and I’m quite proud of this fact!

I like them all but this might have the best texture – I routinely refer to the Mary & May Idebenone + Blackberry Complex serum as the gold standard for serums. And it’s great, obviously.

However, the Revive serum might actually be just a bit better. I suspect it’s the snail mucin – it’s watery but not too thin and there’s a slightly gloopy snailiness to it that I find very pleasing.

In comparison to Cosrx 96, I think the Revive is more balanced and applies nicely. I sometimes find the Cosrx 96 doesn’t quite have the watery feeling I like when I’ve let my previous step dry a bit, especially for my neck, which needs a lot of moisture.


I’ve written about ginseng when I reviewed the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water. As I said, I’m not sure the Beauty of Joseon necessarily has the highest quality ginseng but nonetheless it has antioxidant potential.

And of course, there’s snail mucin: hydrating, anti-aging and all the rest of it – what can’t snail do! you can read more about snail mucin in Bianca’s deep dive and my snail cream review.

For the rest of the ingredients, there are hydrating (ginseng water, glycerin, snail, trehalose, hyaluronic acid in two sizes), brightening (snail, ginseng water and extract, niacinamide, liquorice root extract), and barrier strengthening (snail, niacinamide, adenosine). Oh and let’s not forget all the antioxidants in the plant extracts – a great all-rounder!


Compared to the other Beauty of Joseon serums (Glow, Glow Deep and Calming), despite how much I love all of them, this might be the best one for me!

I often complain to myself about how quickly I go through serums – they’re generally small and my skin likes a lot of product. With K-Beauty, you’ll often find really great ingredients in larger bottles (like essences) so serums generally seem a bit expensive.

I know I’ve run through my previous Beauty of Joseon serums pretty fast. Whilst they’re good value, it does add up.

However, the Revive serum is a bit special. The texture and formulation is just right – it’s not as thick as the Glow nor as thin as the Glow Deep or Calming. For me, and this may be a me-problem, both too thick or too thin mean I apply too much. You think it would be less with too thin because you would need less, somehow I use a lot. I have no idea why but I definitely go through toner very quickly!

It’s snail gloopy rather than thickly viscous and this is an important distinction. Gloopy improves spreadibility for me but it isn’t so thick that I need extra product to make it spread well if I’ve let my previous layer dry.

And here’s the thing I really didn’t expect: I could drop the Cosrx 96 and just use the Beauty of Joseon for a week with no irritation. Very impressive!

Tia’m Snail and Azulene Water Essence Texture

There’s something special about this: water essence doesn’t really describe it. The Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water is completely different – that’s more like a toner.

Cosrx 96 has the OG texture we associate with snail mucin – stretchy and gloopy. The Tia’m is jelly goo that almost wobbles. I haven’t tried the Sleeping Mask yet but I’m excited for it, I hope it has a similar texture!

Ingredients I’m going to skip over the snail – check out the links above if you want to know more! What I want to talk about is the other ingredients because they’re an interesting divergence from the Cosrx.

If you have very sensitive skin, the Cosrx might be the better pick because less ingredients means less potential for irritation.

However, it’s those additional ingredients that made me really want to try this: anti-inflammatory (chamomile extract and oil – azulene is also extracted from chamomile, snail, beta-glucan, panthenol), moisturising (snail, beta-glucan, panthenol), brightening and barrier strengthening (snail, ferments).

So what we’re talking about here is a product that has a lot of snail mucin but also additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential!


I’d argue the Tia’m has the edge over the Cosrx in terms of hydration. I find even if I’ve let my previous layer dry, it still spreads really well and feels very hydrating without me having to use extra product.

With the Cosrx, if my previous layer has dried too much, I need more product to get even coverage. That’s been a minor complaint of mine since I started using the Cosrx but I hadn’t really figured it out until I started the Tia’m, which is so much more spreadable.

It’s probably a combination of the oil component and jelly texture that makes it easier to spread: it’s a great user experience.

I tend to apply one or two layers depending on my mood. I also feel like it could replace toner whereas the Cosrx, whilst hydrating, couldn’t fill that niche. If you wanted a more efficient routine and have a hard time choosing between toner and essence, the Tia’m could be a great product for you!

Despite the oil components, the Tia’m dries down very well – it doesn’t leave an oily feeling behind. It could be a very easy way to get a little oil into your routine without it interfering with your later steps. I had been using a facial oil to help calm my skin but I’ve noticed I don’t need so much of it since introducing the Tia’m. I’m not saying this would work for everyone but it works for me!

It’s also cheaper and larger than the Cosrx: so if you’re looking for the best value and you’re interested in the extra ingredients, definitely check out the Tia’m.

Final Word

These products are both as hydrating and soothing as Cosrx 96, the Tia’m is closer in texture but each worked really well! Bold claim, and verging on sacrilege, but I might prefer the Tia’m to the Cosrx..