Water Cleansing 101

By Bianca Hazelhurst
24/09/2022 | Read time: 5m

So you’ve just oil cleansed… now what? This is where an ingredient charged, high-quality water cleanser comes into play. It might seem simple, but washing your face takes time and attention.

Water cleansing the right way could make the difference between that ‘oh my gosh you’re not wearing makeup?!’ skin and an ‘I don’t want to look in the mirror!’ acne breakout.

Some of our favourite ingredients contain active exfoliating ingredients, like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) — lactic, glycolic, fruit acids — and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) — salicylic, willow bark extracts. These ingredients are extra powerful in gently exfoliating and encouraging cell-turnover.

Here are some myth busters, tips and tricks to get the best wash of your life:

Myth: “It won’t exfoliate if it doesn’t have physical texture!”

Your skin has a natural barrier that protects it and helps it retain moisture, and our selection of facial cleansers, especially cleansing balms, are made for delicate skin.

While using a scrub or cleanser with beads might feel soft on day one, scrubbing too hard or using these products often can actually cause more damage than good. That’s why you won’t find these types of products here at UNBLEMISH.

Water Cleansing Tip: “Remember your neck and jaw”

Your jawline and neck are prone to dirt and debris buildup. And they need love, too.

When giving your face a cleansing massage, gentle rub your fingers in an upward motion to get the circulation going and encourage your skin to stay tight and naturally lifted.

This massage component can help with relaxation and give your face a needed muscle break from a stressful day.

Myth: “Only hot water really cleans!”

While using hot water to cleanse your skin might feel relaxing, it’s not the best option.

That’s because hot water can strip your skin of essential oils, which can leave it feeling drier, which can then spark a chain reaction: dry skin equals a compromised moisture barrier—which equals aggravated skin concerns.

Water Cleansing Tip: “Cleanse longer than you think”

Don’t think of washing your face as a rinse-and-go activity. If you are cleansing too quickly, You’re aren’t letting the products work their magic long enough.

Most products need more than the mere ten seconds you spare them to work — especially acne washes designed to combat breakouts. Build a lather in your hands to reduce excess skin tugging and then apply it gently around your face for a full minute before turning the water on to rinse.

Put that towel down! Like we told you earlier, it’s all about being gentle with how you handle your skin. Getting too aggressive when drying your complexion can be irritating, so just gently blot your face dry with a towel, leaving it slightly damp before applying your toner.

Things to bear in mind: Not every cleanser is the same. When changing something in your skincare routine, be ready for an adjustment period. Something really look out for is the pH level of your cleanser, as this could be the key to finding the perfect cleanser for your skin type.

“But which water cleanser?” We hear you ask… look no further! Filter your skin type within our curated selection to choose your skin’s new best friend.

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