snail skin care

Snail Creams

By Kate Limond
17/12/2022 | Read time: 5m

Snail is one of my favourite skin care ingredients and there's two great creams from Cosrx and Benton that have snail as the star ingredient!

What Can Snail Do For Your Skin?

We’ve written a lot about snail skin care on this blog – Bianca’s introduction post here and my post on Cosrx 96 Advanced Power Essence here.

There’s a very good reason for this: snail mucin is really beneficial for your skin care – it packs a ton of hydration, as well as moisturising and anti-aging benefits. It’s an amazing all-rounder and it’s really gentle for the skin: no risk of overdoing it, like you can with actives, despite the glycolic acid in snail mucin. Most people can use snail with no issues but some people have allergic reactions so do patch test carefully.

And you can get snail in pretty much every step of your routine, if you so wish (I often do so wish): there’s toner, essence, serum, creams and masks. Although I’d merrily take snail in every step, I tend to prefer thicker snail products, like essence and cream, just because it just feels so comforting to apply those thicker snail products!

Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream: Gloopy Snail Skin Care Heaven in a Jar

92% snail and the remaining 8% are additional moisturising and soothing ingredients – win!


This cream has the classic gloopy, stretchy texture that’s common to a lot of high content, gel-like snail skin care products. Cosrx actually did a social media campaign this year where they asked people to post videos of themselves stretching the cream as far as they could!


So the star of the show is the snail secretion filtrate, which has all the lovely hydrating, moisturising and anti-aging benefits but there’s also some notable skin soothing and moisturising ingredients that make this an excellent light cream.

Allantoin is particularly soothing, panthenol is anti-inflammatory and betaine helps your skin hold onto water as well as providing skin protection.


You’ll find that the Cosrx adds a big dose of hydration to your skin as well as some moisturising power. I find it very soothing, like the Cosrx 96 Advanced Power essence, and it’s great for calming down irritation.

Cosrx’s snail skin care line has been a staple in my skincare routine ever since I started using Korean products and has made a big difference to my fine lines. It is easy to get bored of using the same products all the time, especially with the wealth of new releases, but as soon as I stop using snail, my fine lines become more noticeable.

I also really like that I can layer this cream easily with heavier moisturisers, it works great with everything I’ve tried. It’s also really helpful when I’m using the Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power liquid because snail is so soothing.

Skin Type

The Cosrx is suitable for all skin types, including oily, because it’s so lightweight. Drier or combination skin types will probably need something over the top, with a little oil in perhaps. I like to be very well moisturised so I consider this a first moisturiser and then I use something thicker over the top.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream: A Luxurious, Decadent Skin Care Cream

The first thing you have to ask here is: what’s a Steam Cream? Benton report that they use a special production method with high pressure and high temperature to increase the density of the raw materials and to mix them together more effectively, so you get a superior moisturising experience!

Steam Cream not only refers to the manufacturing process but it’s also a suggestion for how you can apply it: Benton say you can massage your skin for 2-3 minutes with hot towels and then apply the cream so it penetrates your skin more effectively.


The cream itself is rich and buttery, and it is dense, rather than the whipped butter of the Mary & May Blackberry cream. However, it still spreads really easily despite its thicker texture, melting on to the skin with a little pressure because it warms up as you apply it. I can see why they suggest massaging your skin with hot towels first!


Snail isn’t the first ingredient but it’s the main one and there’s a whole host of excellent ingredients that make this a well-rounded cream!

There’s plant extracts for skin conditioning and anti-inflammatory effects plus several oils contribute to the luxe feeling of this cream. As if that wasn’t enough, it also includes some effective ingredients with various benefits, such as niacinamide for brightening and helping maintain your oil-water balance, as well as a peptide and bee venom, which can both help with anti-aging.


Unlike some creams that almost seem to disappear when you rub them in, this feels like it’s working to moisturise your skin right away.

It’s very soothing to apply and it definitely increased how moisturised my skin felt when the seasons were changing and the cooler weather started. This is lovely last step in your routine and it locks in all the moisture from your previous steps.

I didn’t try the steam application method but it sounds like it would help the cream absorb beautifully into your skin for an at-home spa night – I’m absolutely going to have to try it soon to refresh and nourish my skin this winter!

Skin Type

If you need something a bit thicker and decently moisturising, this is such a good pick, as it’s a great cream with fantastic ingredients. It might be a little too moisturising for oily skin, depending on what you need from a cream – but there’s always the Cosrx as an alternative. Whilst it might be a little too heavy for all skin types all year round, it really shines as a last step at night and in the cooler months.

Final Word

To be honest with you, I use both of these cream together because I can’t get enough snail skin care! My skin likes a lot of moisturiser, despite being combination – but either one could work great for you, depending on your skin type and if you use it in the right slot in your routine.