Get Unready with Me - Winter Edition

Get Unready with Me – Winter Edition

By Charlotte Umemoto
07/03/2024 | Read time: 5m

My teenage self was less fastidious about skincare. So, I totally understand the temptation to use makeup wipes or sleep in make up after late nights. However, skin repairs itself at night. So, it’s incredibly important to have a routine that doesn’t hinder that process.

Essential Steps in an Effective Skincare Routine

But is it really that bad to not cleanse skin properly? The problem with make up wipes is that it merely provides an illusion of clean skin. The reality is residual sunscreen and make up, pollution and raw skin.

What if I don’t wear sunscreen? We shall discuss this later but the crux is that it is an everyday essential. UV damage has the potential to lead to malignant lesions. It would be best to avoid that.

So, let’s get unready together.

Makeup Remover (Oil)Mixsoon Bean Cleansing Oil. It breaks down and removes makeup and sunscreen. Oftentimes eye and lip products have long-wearing ingredients. While ideal for the daytime, it’s not so much at night. Gently massage into the skin and dampen your face with water. The oil will emulsify and swiftly remove make up after a thorough rinse. It will make the following steps a breeze.

Makeup Remover (Balm) Banila Co Clean It Zero-Cleansing Balm. I like to use balms when traveling due to its solid consistency. Rub a dollop between your hands to melt the balm. Your body heat will transform it into a liquid which can be massaged into the skin for both cleansing and relaxation purposes. Wet your hands and emulsify the balm before rinsing it off. It is important to remove it entirely. This means following it up with a second cleanser.

Cleansing FoamIsntree Hyaluronic Acid Low pH Cleansing Foam. Cleansing forms remove potential residual makeup without stripping the skin of its natural protective oils. It too should be massaged into the skin. Top tip: Skip hot water and use lukewarm water instead.

TonerMixsoon Heartleaf Toner. Toners help to lock in hydration. Gently apply while your face is still damp. Its water-like consistency might mistakenly lend itself to being seen as a gimmick. But it certainly isn’t. It really is the difference between dry, wind-chapped patches and a healthy skin barrier.

SerumBeauty of Joseon Calming Serum. I particularly like its soothing effects. Its viscous consistency makes it easy to apply – it glides on. Its key ingredient is green tea which has been clinically proven to treat inflammation. In short, its anti-inflammatory effects are great in the short and long term: soothing irritation, acne and wind-chapped skin and kick-starting the anti-aging process. Antioxidants are plentiful in green tea; they are key to preventing the repercussions of free radicals.

MoisturizerIsntree Yam Root Milk Cream. I like to use heavier creams in the winter. This cream is neither oily nor sticky. In fact, I wake up to make-up ready skin. It’s a huge misconception that oily, combination, and acne-prone skin do not require moisturizer. It does especially if you wear makeup and therefore use various cleansing products. I like to switch it up. Sometimes I go for moisture alone and other times I like added benefits in the form of actives such as Some By Mi’s AHA, BHA, and PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream. It helps to retain my skin barrier and therefore its resilience.

Lip MaskLaneige Lip Sleeping Mask Ex Berry. Other flavors include Mint Choco, Apple Lime, and Grapefruit. It too isn’t a gimmick. I suspect people mistakenly think it is due to regularly applying it during the day hence repeated and ill-timed exfoliation. Its role is to provide gentle overnight exfoliation leading to soft lips in the morning. It helps to remove unsightly dry patches making lip product applications a pleasure.

And then…

I like to tuck myself into bed and read Charlotte Cho’s Little Book of Skincare. Relaxation is important for sleep quality and therefore skin rejuvenation. I particularly like her anecdotes about her own experiences with beauty.

Now it’s time to catch some sleep. Good night or 잘 자. I look forward to checking in with you soon.