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MIXSOON Heartleaf & Master Toner Review

By Kate Limond
04/03/2024 | Read time: 5m

All seasons can be challenging for skin and the weather this year has been up and down: cold, warm, then even colder and stormy, making it difficult to plan a skincare routine.

Some products, though, are blatantly good for all seasons because they’ll help offset the ravages of the weather and boost your skin’s ability to heal itself. These toners from Mixsoon are great for offsetting the winter ravages!

Mixsoon Heartleaf Toner

This toner is excellent if I want a short routine because it covers a variety of properties: hydration, calming and helps to rebalance my skin.

One thing I forgot to mention in my Mixsoon Bifida toner review is that this one ingredient toner series by Mixsoon is that they are likely to be really great for oily skin. Thin textures often work well for oily skin because they’re so lightweight.

The Heartleaf is nice for gently hydrating skin- three layers will give you plenty of hydration. And if you do have oily skin, Heartleaf both hydrates and can help reduce oiliness!

For calming, it means I can skip another calming product, such as the Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule. I love the Skin1004 but if it’s a short routine I’m after, I want a product that can do as many things as possible!

I don’t have oily skin but I am clog-prone so anything that helps with clogging, even if it’s only a little bit, is good. Especially when paired with the Benton Deep Green Tea lotion, which is a favourite of mine as a gentle acne treatment.

The Benton is ridiculously good and is still stopping the acne I get from shea butter. It’s such a trial when you need highly moisturising things like shea butter but that also clogs my skin.

So all in all, the Mixsoon Heartleaf is a great multitasking addition to my routine.

Mixsoon Master Soft Toner

I’ll start by saying this might be the most impressive hydrating toner I’ve ever tried that also has a wide variety of positive features.

There are lots of great toners and I’ve tried so, so many – some do one thing really well, some can do several things but it might depend on your skin type as to whether they’re likely to work too.

But this is perfection!

The ingredients, the texture, the effects: it’s all amazing.


Ooh its thick and comforting but definitely still toner texture.

I’d argue its a little thicker than the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner. In fact, I’ll be comparing the two through this review because they both fulfil a similar function in my routine.

The Pyunkang Yul is less moisturising so it’s less serum-like than the Mixsoon. Not that the Mixsoon is a serum but it’s got that watery gel feeling you might associate with a serum.


I’m going to run through these relatively quickly because you can read so much about centella on this blog. So many Korean products have centella because it’s soothing, calming and well-aging. Plus it has madecassoside for extra centella power, which is one of the active ingredients in centella.

Then there’s lovely panthenol to moisturise, hyaluronic acid for hydration and plumping plus ceramides for keeping your skin barrier in top shape!

I do love a multitasking product that has a well-rounded mix of ingredients that will hydrate but also improve my skin condition.


There’s something very pleasing about using this toner, its like a skin prep product. Whatever else I use just glides on after it.

Every so often I stop using it because I’m having a short moisturiser only routine, where I use the Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion in the toner slot. Yeah, it’s a bit mad but the Benton is very hydrating as well as moisturising.

But then I’ll have a normal routine and I realise what I’m missing with the Mixsoon! It adds a cushiony layer that’s nice and comforting. If my skin is a bit sensitive, this will help calm it down.

It lives up to its name: it does feel softening which is likely thanks to a combination of its texture and ingredients.

However, it also hits all the major toner features.

It is intensely hydrating which is a key toner benefit. I find I actually don’t need many layers: a couple and I’m done.

When I add a hydrating serum like the Isntree TW-Real Bifida Ampoule, my skin topped up with moisture and super happy (I’ll review the Isntree soon).

Then there’s the soothing aspect: the texture ensures irritated skin is cared for and calmed, although the centella is of course part of this effect.

The Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner is also great for calming and if you have sensitised skin, you might find the shorter ingredient list is better for you. However, because it has a such a short ingredient list, its not such a multitasking product.

I’d argue that the Mixsoon has a more complex and longer-lasting hydrating power thanks to the glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

And the Mixsoon provides light moisturising effects: I find I can go a bit lighter on moisturiser because the Mixsoon is giving my skin a good foundation for my later products.

Dry skin will find this toner an excellent addition for levelling up both your hydration and moisturising. Sensitive skin will love how gentle it is.

Things are always tricky for oily skin but if you have a great moisturiser that isn’t quite giving you enough moisturising, this toner might give you the boost you need. Or if you’ve been using a cream that feels a touch heavy, you could use a gel cream instead and this toner will supply light moisturising effects.

To sum up, I wouldn’t say the Mixsoon is absolutely better than the Pyunkang Yul because it all depends on what your skin needs. I personally find a place for each in my routine and there’s times, like when it’s very hot, that the Pyunkang Yul might have the edge because it feels so refreshing!

Final Word

Another two great toners from Mixsoon for different skin types, although both could work for any skin type, depending on what your skin needs.

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