Waphyto Skincare Trial Kit Part 2

By Kate Limond
12/01/2024 | Read time: 5m

More exquisite products from Waphyto’s Regena range.

In the first part, I wrote about the Regena range generally, such as the packaging, fragrance and ingredients, as well as reviewing the Regena Toner.

It’s worth reading about those things in the first review but a brief recap is that the packaging is very stylish but also practical, the fragrance has an amazing complexity and the ingredients are high quality.

Thoughts on the Regena Facial Milk

This is such an interesting product and interesting isn’t a word I tend to use for skincare.


The Facial Milk has a great texture: its thin like an emulsion so there’s no heaviness to it but it’s also a little stretchy. The stretchiness reminds me of the Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream, although it’s not gloopy! Read more about the Cosrx cream here.

At first I found the texture confusing because it has a number of oils so I expected something rich that would take time to absorb. When I discovered it was light and stretchy, I thought it would feel sticky, swim around on my face rather than set and take time to absorb.

First off, it takes about a minute to absorb, even with hydrating toners and serums underneath it! One minute – this is a new record for a moisturiser for me! And I didn’t have to wait to apply sunscreen, although to be safe I gave it three minutes.

The stretchy texture is really innovative – I find the stretchiness actually means it spreads really well and forms a protective layer that settles in place perfectly. I didn’t have any spots that felt dry because I’d missed them and zero stickiness.

How moisturising is this?

I thought it wouldn’t be moisturising enough and I was initially disappointed that the Waphyto Facial Milk was only 20ml – I use a lot of moisturiser so I thought I’d run out before I’d had a proper chance to trial it.

I was wrong about this too!

It moisturisers very well without any heaviness. And you only need a tiny amount of product to cover your skin. I find about a twenty pence coin size is plenty, I would usually apply about twice that for an emulsion type product.

With heavier creams in the morning, I do sometimes find that my skin is a little oily feeling by the end of the day, despite the fact that I have dry skin. I don’t notice this issue with the Facial Milk, which also means my skin isn’t hurrying me to cleanse it and apply my routine early in the evening.

Some creams with a lot of oils can be quite shiny but the Facial Milk dries down to nicely dewy finish without being shiny!

Skin type

I do find it’s a good idea to pair it with a moisturising sunscreen if you have dry skin: I use the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics, review here. If you have very dry skin, you could use about a ten or fifty pence piece size but listen to your skin, you might need more if you live somewhere that’s very cold.

Whilst this product has a lot of oils, if you have oily skin, don’t despair – the first two oils in this product are squalane and jojoba. Both of these oils are great for oily skin and you can read more about jojoba here. You can also pair it with a sunscreen that’s tailored to oily skin, which you can read about here.

For oily skin, you probably only need a five pence piece size, I’ve tried that amount and it still spreads well, without skimping on coverage.

To be honest, my skin didn’t feel dry even using the smallest amount of the Facial Milk for my morning routine, but I definitely want to use more for my evening routine.

Short routine

Because the ingredients are concentrated and the formulation of the Waphyto products is so good, I can regularly implement a short routine without detriment to my skin.

Yes, my skin is does fine on my back-up routine but long term I feel like I’d lose the progress I’ve made with my well-aging journey.

Adding Waphyto benefits my skin even as I do short routines continuously, my skin is plump and glowing. I’ll say more about this in my Isntree TW-Real Bifida Ampoule review as I’ve run out of space here!

Thoughts on the Regena Cleansing Oil

I’ve said that cleansing is boring. But cleansing is the foundation of a skincare regime so it’s pretty important.

It’s not just about getting your skin clean but doing it in a way that leaves your barrier intact and doesn’t strip your skin.

It’s also great if the cleansing experience feels like it’s doing more than just cleansing.

And this is why I often find cleansing boring because it’s hard to make it an event.

Sure, clay masks are definitely something to be excited about but I don’t have time for a clay mask very often. And whilst a clay mask is an important part of my routine, it’s not something that everyone could use daily, as it’s keeping pores clear, which I like, and removing excess oil, which i don’t need often given I have dry skin!

What I need from my cleanser is something that makes me look forward to using it.

The Waphyto Regena Oil Cleanser absolutely makes cleansing something I want to do!

This oil cleanser is very light and spreads weightlessly across my skin. The fragrance is the signature Regena scent which is invigorating and luxurious.

It’s really interesting to see how emulsifying the cleanser with warm water lifts the fragrance so it really envelopes my senses.

The emulsifying process is velvety smooth and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped: I definitely feel my skin has been gently cleansed.

Final Word

In case you couldn’t tell I’m both impressed and obsessed with the Waphyto products, I can’t wait to try the rest of the products and review them!